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Mike Johnsen, MFA, is a graduate of the Rainier Writing Workshop MFA program at Pacific Lutheran University. A San Francisco native and now Seattle transplant, Mike began writing over 40 years ago. His work is sourced in the back alleys of life, influenced in great part by Raymond Carver and Charles Bukowski. It is both muscular and cerebral. Throughout run the discordant tones of brutality, anger and rage. There is fruitless searching, melancholy and irony. Yet at times, his narrator’s discourse is vulnerable and redemptive. He has self-published one collection of poems titled Garage Sale. His work has appeared in Crab Creek Review, Between the Lines, Clamor, Gloom Cupboard, and Debris Magazine.

His website, the seattle muse, focuses chiefly on unpublished authors (though an occasional published author slips in), and literary resources.

Mike reads at various venues throughout the Seattle area. His work is generally somber. His poems expose often unseen ironies of life. They are powerful, and intensely personal. And he has this thing about redheads.



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